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Restoring Mangrove Coastal Ecosystems with Eden Reforestation Projects

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The 15¢ per tree planting option restores mangrove forests along the coastlines of Madagascar. Mangrove trees grow half on land and half into the ocean and create an ecosystem with an unmatchable ability to store carbon, provide wildlife habitat, and protect the land from erosion.

As they grow, all trees pull carbon dioxide from the air and store it in their structure and in the soil below them. The soil below trees on land comes more in contact with oxygen and some of the stored carbon oxidizes becoming carbon dioxide again, whereas the soil below the mangroves is largely underwater which allows much more of that carbon to stay sequestered in the soil. These shallow marine environments are the number one carbon sinks on the planet, and the amount of life they can support is astounding. While half of these coastal ecosystems have been destroyed worldwide, scientists estimate that 87% of them can be restored.

The top-rated nonprofit Eden Reforestation Projects pays members of the local communities to do the planting, which gives them income and also restores their homelands, bringing back the fish stock which they depend on for their food and livelihood. These tree planters collect propagules from mangrove trees which they stick into the mud in degraded areas and each propagule becomes a new mangrove tree that grows quickly and spreads more propagules.

To help you feel confident that your contributions are really making the biggest difference possible, Eden Reforestation has completely transparent financial statements available on their website They also have an informative and exciting video blog that takes you into the world of the tree planters and these coastal ecosystems.

With over 90% of Madagascar’s original forests having been destroyed, there is a massive opportunity there for creating a huge global impact as a carbon sink, for creating habitat for thousands of species of wildlife found nowhere else on the planet, and for giving the local people the ability to thrive and remain living on their land.

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