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Love Birds? Help Plant Trees

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Birds. The gardeners of the sky. Just by the pure genius of their existence they spread seeds and enrich the soil, giving those very seeds the nutrients they need to grow. They actively participate in the ongoing regeneration of the trees, plants and ecosystems that are their homes and provide all they need for food, housing, mating and nest building. The songs of a diversity of birds echoing through a forest is a sign of health and vitality. They are a necessary part of the web of life. They have shaped and continue to shape the world around us.

Birds and trees have a profound interdependent relationship. Trees provide food, housing, fiber and leaves for nest making, hide-outs to escape from predators, viewpoints to locate prey, rest stops during migration and branches for mating rituals and so much more. Birds in turn disperse seeds, eat up insects that might harm the tree, and deposit endless micro-dollops of fertilizer onto the forest floor with their nutrient rich bird poop. It’s a match made in heaven. Birds are one of the true delights of the animal kingdom and healthy forests depend on them as much as they depend on healthy forests. They are an essential part of the hyper-complex balancing act of life.

Brown Hooded Parrots by Supreet Sahoo

Often seeds need to go through a bird’s body in order for the seed's hard exterior to soften enough to activate once it hits the ground and the bird’s poop is rich with minerals and organic matter that help the seeds to sprout forth and grow. They are natural regenerators, bringing the seeds of trees and plants back to areas that have been damaged – accelerating regrowth. They even carry seeds across oceans and vast expanses of land – expanding biodiversity around the world as landscapes and islands shape-shift across time.

Birds are one of Nature’s many great works of art – expressed in over 18,000 different species across the planet. Their many forms, colors, feathers, songs and dances are perhaps the most profound example of Nature’s imagination and the creativity expressed through evolution. They are often vibrant, sometimes subtle, always quick to task - with a profound innate intelligence and an essential vital functionality that is easy to take for granted.

Stunning Peacock by @aarzoo_khurana

Listen for the birds as you walk through your life. Listen for their beautiful songs and in the listening connect to their families, their varied species, their activities, their excitement, their hunger and their mating rituals of vocal expression. Listen for their awakening in the mornings and their calming in the evenings. This simple practice will enhance your life and help strengthen your connection to the natural world.

Greater Bird of Paradise by @dustinchen0728

Planting trees is one of the best ways to help provide habitat for our beloved birds. Each and every tree is an offering and a sanctuary – a complete source of life. Almost every species of bird across the earth relies on trees and forests to survive and thrive. You can easily help support the global bird population by planting trees. It is a simple and direct way to give back.

Tree planting options start at just 15¢ a tree, so you can help plant a tree every day of the year for as little as $5 a month – or you can make a one time donation of any amount. By spreading the word about Trees Are Awesome to your friends and family, you can help this campaign reach millions of people, and together we can reforest our planet.

Trees Are Awesome is volunteer run with 100% of your donation going directly to the planting project of your choice. Visit the home page to start planting trees today.

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